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What I’ve noticed more than anything after a HydraFacial™ treatment is how youthful and radiant my skin is.  The HydraFacial™ treatment has so many wonderful and immediate benefits such as clearing up uneven skin tones, reducing the appearance of large pores, reducing oiliness, and brightening that drab grayed appearance women tend to take on as we age.   I feel incredibly blessed to have found a system that pampers my skin and keeps it camera ready for my beauty queen duties and stage performances yet also provides me the same benefits as I tackle the day as a busy mom.  Thank you, HydraFacial™ for the clearly visible and very beautiful benefits.
– Julie Netter, Miss Colorado Globe 2008

“The HydraFacial™ has worked complete wonders on my skin. My face glows now and I get many compliments from friends and coworkers asking what I did and where can they get it done themselves. I look and feel younger and would recommend this to both men and women. My lines have decreased and the red splotches have almost gone away. The entire texture and feel looks so healthy.”
-Layla Cicconi-Smith, Avalon, California

“HydraFacial™ has made such a difference.  My skin is so much softer, the pores on my nose are clear and I no longer get break-outs on my chin or have redness on my forehead.  Best of all, it has helped clear-up my allergy-induced puffy and peeling eyelids.”
-Janine Sevy, Whittier, California

“To my surprise, I noticed a difference in my skin after my first visit.  The dark spots were much lighter and my whole face looked moist and glowing.  I am so happy because I am getting married next month and my face looks totally different.”
– Carole Campbell, Charlotte, North Carolina