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Image Pro 3D Skin Analysis

To Reveal is to Know. 

To Know is to See. 

Image pro 3D Skin AnalysisImage Pro II gives you the advanced tools you need for more clinical skin analysis. No longer will you need to rely on inadequate digital photographs when comparing treatments and evaluating results. With the powerful combination of Exclusive 3D Spectral Imaging, Targeted Complexion Analysis, and Triple Light Source Analysis, you can present proof-positive evidence of your client’s current skin condition and recommend treatment with incredible accuracy.

“The Image Pro II is a superb skin analysis system. Its 3D Spectral skin imaging capability gives me the power to visualize several layers of the epidermis for more precise analysis both for clinical research and treatment outcomes. It is clearly an invaluable tool in my clinical research studies. The Image Pro II is a must for anyone seeking a state-of-the-art skin imaging system that is highly effective, provides reproducible images, and is easy to use.”

Mark S. Nestor, MD, PhDMark S. Nestor, MD, PhD

Director, Center for Cosmetic Enhancement
Director, Center for Clinical and Cosmetic Research

Image Pro II… 

Takes Consultations to a Higher Level – Give Documented, Trustworthy Advice

Offers an Effective Marketing Tool – Position Yourself as a Leader Improves Client Satisfaction – Create Loyalty and Referrals

Increases Procedures Booked – Keep Treatment Rooms Busy

Helps Suggest Comprehensive Services/Products –Increase Revenue

Validates Treatment Plans – Provide Powerful, Targeted Results

Uncovers Future Problem Areas – Recommend Preventative Procedures

Provides Consistent, Comparative Analysis – Track Treatment Effectiveness

What Makes Image Pro II Different?

Unlike others on the market, Image Pro II…

  • Is the only non-consumer optical imaging with all-digital Exclusive 3D Spectral Analysis. For the first time, you can view pre-treatment pore and wrinkle depth, and effectively monitor progress from start to finish.
  • Offers powerful magnification and resolution; 12 Mega Pixel DSL Optics with all digital interface shows detail unlike any system available. View crystal clear images with color variations showing texture and pore depth.

Exclusive 3D Spectral Imaging; Skin Texture

Image Pro II Allows You to…

  • Examine Targeted Areas under Intense Magnification in Normal, Polarized, and UV Light
  • Create Multiple Views of the Face
  • Map, Measure and Analyze Fine Lines, Wrinkles and Sun Damage
  • View Pore Depth (exclusive to Image Pro II), Sebum, and Porphyrin in 3-D
  • Evaluate Skin Tone and Pigment Variations
  • Review Comparative Graphical Analysis Based on Age Provide High Quality, Consistent Images
  • Produce and Archive Assessment Reports with Notes

UV Light; Sun Damage w/Graphical Demographic Comparison

Exclusive 3D Spectral Imaging

Image pro 3D Skin AnalysisThe only skin imaging technology of its kind, Image Pro II delivers intense magnification with 12 Mega Pixel DSL optics and all-digital interface. Easy to view and understand on a large 18” screen, you’ll reveal both surface and subsurface conditions including sun damage, pore depth, and more, giving you and your client valuable insight into treatment options and progress.

Exclusive 3D Spectral Imaging; Skin Texture

Triple Light Source Analysis

Triple Complexion Analysis; Natural, Polarized and UV Light

Image pro 3D Skin AnalysisImage Pro II’s triple image comparison shows natural, polarized, and UV light side-by-side for easy visualization and improved consultations. In natural light, you can better analyze pores and wrinkles. Polarized light will help you identify the severity of spots and pigmentation, while UV light allows you to view porphyrin and sebum deep below the surface. Armed with this knowledge, you can now create a customized strategy that gets results!

Targeted Complexion Analysis

Mapping with 8 Adjustable Zones

Image pro 3D Skin AnalysisTargeting specific areas of the face has never been easier with Image Pro II’s targeted complexion analysis. With easy drag and drop functionality, you can map and analyze up to eight adjustable zones, quickly and effectively.

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