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  • Buy 6 LASER TATTOO Removal Treatments and get 20% OFF
  • Buy 6 LASER HAIR Removal Treatments for full legs for $2200 & get 6 treatments for 2 smaller body areas for FREE ($1800 value)
  • Buy 6 Laser Hair Removal Treatments of bikini or full arms or 1/2 of back or abdomen or full chest for $1200 and get 6 treatments of underarms or lip and chin or any similar combination of small area FREE ($900 value)
  • Buy 5 EXILIS ELITE Body Countering Treatments for abdomen for $1500 ($2400 regular) & get FREE BOTOX ($200 value) or 50% OFF of 1 syringe of JUVEDERM ($600 regular)
  • Buy 3 SCITON Face PhotoRejuvenation “FOREVER YOUNG” and Skin Tightening for $1500 ($2400 regular) and get 3 Skin Tightening of neck area for FREE ($1800 value)
  • Buy 3 HydraFacial for $450 ($600 regular)
  • Buy 2 syringes of Juvederm for $1100 ($1300 regular) and get Botox FREE($200 value) or FREE HydraFacial ($200 value) or face skin tightening for $300 ($800 regular)
  • Buy 3 tx of Strech marks of abdomen or any another area for $1000 ($1800 regular) and get 4th treatment for FREE